Full office lifecycle solution designed to meet the complete needs of an international treasury operation in a modern environment.

Eliminate redundant steps
in card issuing and transaction management

ASEE Card Management Solution that helps you manage end-to-end card processes.

A single point of approval for all transactions and debiting of client accounts with the bank that maintains an online connection with all parties through the switching hub of card transactions.

Supporting 56+ banks around the world
in their day to day operations.

Meet ASEE CMS modules

ASEE card management solution support the complete lifecycle of the cards you manage, from issuing and origination to transactions and collections

Card Issuing & Acquiring

ASEE CMS is a comprehensive solution designed to manage the complete lifecycle of cards. Our CMS functionality spans end-to-end processes from issuing capabilities to helping issuers efficiently manage their card portfolios.

Transaction management

Being a fully centralized card register solution that oversees all the processes makes it easy to monitoring and manage any card operations and transactions. ASEE CMS gets direct access to appropriate standard accounts (consumption accounts in domestic and foreign currency) and credit accounts (for credit cards).

Accounting & Reporting

ASEE CMS solution enables the management of transaction posting that includes both the schedule by account and card spending itself and the release of reserved funds. In addition to this, the bookkeeping and reporting module presents the recording of obligations on the accounts of liabilities and receivables by cards and also does the calculation and payment to acceptors based on the achieved turnover by cards.

Top ASEE CMS features:

ASEE CMS supports a custom parameterization of critical business functions to reduce complexity and provide complete flexibility to users to swiftly respond to evolving business trends.

ASEE CMS as an end-to-end card issuance and management solution offers complete lifecycle management and support to set you up as a card issuer

The system supports registration and verification processes at the same time so card issuance, profile, and card data management could be processed from one system.

The value ASEE CMS delivers

Personalized card management

One of the main benefits of ASEE CMS is that solution improves the adoption of new card programs by aligning them to customer needs and properly targeting customers with the goal of getting higher uptake and usage – all of that backed up with the power of AI and customer personalization.

Faster time to market delivery

The solution architecture allows issuers to rapidly adapt systems to variations in business. This helps reduce costs of interfacing to country-specific processing gateways, payment schemes, credit scoring, and personalization bureau.

Cost racionalization

Being an integrated part of the core banking system, ASEE CMS solution lowers the implementation time and makes the total cost of ownership significantly lower by making the whole process efficient.

The best possible experience for your cardholders, partners and internal users

The card management system enables all standard card products that the bank aims to issue (several international card types, national cards, etc.) to be integrated within the same system.

How to start with ASEE CMS?

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