Single, unified search experience above all the existing applications with no required migration of content, orchestrating access, and managing document lifecycle.

Deliver a single, unified search experience
above all the existing applications with no additional workload.

Upgrade your system and take full advantage of the platform regardless of your existing technologies

The EnterprisePoint platform contains mechanisms for connecting and sharing data with other systems, regardless of technology, data source or location, as well as the ability to control data.

Supporting 56+ banks around the world
in their day to day operations.

Meet ASEE EnterprisePoint modules

Connecting for data exchange is possible without any human action or change of data from one system to another.

Enterprise Search

  • advanced search options with relevant business parameters
  • insight into the source of the document
  • optimized for high search volume to have results promptly and accurately
  • use modern indexing technologies to retrieve content from active and legacy repositories
  • seamless integration with business applications

Business records management

  • save the document directly from Office applications
  • physical positioning (temporarily in branches or permanently in storage)
  • integration with CAS (Content-addressable storage) storage system
  • archive management
  • dynamic content model, easy definition of metadata

Business process management

  • tasks collaboration
  • distribution of tasks in organizations
  • monitoring tasks and their status
  • graphical insight into the state of the process

Top EnterprisePoint features:

The main characteristic of the EnterprisePoint file management are:

• Creating files, documents and attachments via other systems depends on the access rights
• Deleting items (documents, files, and attachments)
• Multiple import of data from other systems

The main characteristics of the EnterprisePoint indexing are:

  • Creating and editing metadata of files and documents such as status, and index fields depends on the access rights
  • Return of content and metadata

The main characteristics of the EnterprisePoint security are:

  1. Security management
  2. Checking and examining items

The value EnterprisePoint delivers

Improved productivity

Providing fast distribution of tasks within organizations makes EnterprisePoint a solution that helps companies easily monitor tasks and their status
with graphical insight into the state of the process.

Reduced costs

The functionalities enable a single, unified search user experience above all the existing applications with no required migration of content or data in general, orchestrating access, and managing document lifecycle. This will significantly save operational spent time.

Enhanced data management

The numerous types of data presented in files and documents are now indexed, processed, and centralized so that the company will always control the processes within the company having complete control over the most important information.

Solutions designed to meet the needs of controlling the document and process flow within a company

Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, modern companies today are facing the challenges of increasing overall profitability and properly managing cost centers. This is exactly what ASEE EnterprisePoint does for the companies – improves cost center efficiency in a modern and easy to use way.

How to start with ASEE EnterprisePoint?

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