Full office lifecycle solution designed to meet the complete needs of an international treasury operation in a modern environment.

Full office lifecycle solution
designed to meet the complete needs
of an international treasury operations

ASEE Treasury solution: an advanced solution for modern banking

Treasury moduleis developed as a fully integrated module of Core Banking Solution, covering the entire deal lifecycle, from the moment it has been arranged in the Front Office, monitored and analyzed in the Middle Office, and finally correctly confirmed and completed in the Back Office segment.

Supporting 56+ banks around the world
in their day to day operations.

Meet ASEE Treasury modules

Seamless integration with other solutions such as electronic banking and business intelligence, exceptional functionality, easy user customization, and easy scalability make ASEE CBS the right platform for you and your future growth.

Front Office

The Front Office treasury module provides fast and flexible deal entry, with simultaneous online validations and limit control for the purpose of making the right financial decisions.

Middle Office

The Middle Office segment offers tools to view positions and manage market, currency and credit risks effectively. It supports different methodologies for risk calculations, and it has integrated limits monitoring system.

Back Office

The Back Office segment is responsible for deals processing: from verification, confirmation, settlement, and accounting up to nostro reconciliation and booking.
The Front-To-Back integration in the Treasury module makes it a centralized solution, covering all necessary operations for the complete realization of a deal.

Top Treasury features:

The main characteristics of the Treasury Front Office are:

  1. Automatic deals capturing
  2. Impressive instrument coverage
  3. Online limit control

The main characteristics of the Treasury Middle Office are:

  1. Monitoring & Analyze
  2. Limit management
  3. Risk management
  4. Portfolio management
  5. Position management
  6. Mark To Market

The main characteristics of the Treasury Back office are:

  1. Complete STP
  2. Automatic confirmation system
  3. Complete SWIFT support
  4. Settlements
  5. Reconciliation
  6. Calculations
  7. Accounting

The value Treasury delivers

Improved productivity

By providing fast and flexible deal entry of a wide range of financial instruments with complete support for their Straight‐Through‐Processing makes ASEE Treasury a solution that will greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of your bank.

Reduced Costs

The functionality of online validation through the entire deal lifecycle and real-time limits monitoring guarantees the reduction of operating risk and costs.

Enhanced Risk Management

The numerous types of risk management features as well as the transparent flow of information provides a fully integrated Front, Middle and Back Office which assures safe and controlled treasury operations.

Solutions designed to meet the complete needs of an international treasury operations

Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, modern banks today are facing the challenges of increasing overall profitability with simultaneously accurate risk anticipation and planning in accordance with domestic and international regulations. And this is exactly what ASEE Treasury solves.

How to start with ASEE Treasury?

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